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Inner Solar Roof Systems Inc.


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  • Business Description:

    The solar collection systems industry has two major types of manufacturer-high volume mass marketers and small customized contractors. Custom system contractors have lacked the engineering expertise and funds to scale up for mass production. Major manufacturers have pursued a strategy of standardized products and high volume sales showing a lack of commitment to ongoing Research and Development, hindering the progress of overall product improvement. Manufacturer production has been focused upon expanding markets for existing designs rather than new product development.



    The new pending patents for these products encompass a durable and replaceable protective covering, making each panel lightweight, thus eliminating the common breakable glass design. With this cover over the electric photovoltaic laminates, costly laminate life is prolonged and almost doubled by the cover's UV-ray covering composition with less than half the weight of glass covered panels.  Extended life of the photovoltaic laminates is vital to the panel's long-term viability and efficiency. Moreover, this puts the products into a higher classification of the building code requirements and reduces the time for a return on investment to almost half of that for conventional panels.



    Unique Value Proposition: 

    The ISRSI products are unique to the market at this time.  They were developed to incorporate roof insulation factors while producing energy for use in the household.  The solar units were designed to mimic traditional roofing materials, making them more aesthetically acceptable for a more diverse customer base.  In addition, ISRSI is the only company to offer the electric, thermal, and hybrid collectors in both the slate shingle and terracotta barrel roof styles.



    The ISRSI target market includes residential and commercial applications where the owner desires to supplement their hot water or electrical needs utilizing solar energy.  The market has been segmented into two distinct classifications; existing structures and new construction.


  • The ISRSI initial strategy will be to target those regions and states where energy rebates are available for installation of solar energy equipment for either hot water heating and/or electrical consumption. ISRSI anticipates it will be these areas where the greatest conversions to the products will occur.  Additionally, the Company will work with roofing and solar companies to distribute and install ISRSI products.  For new construction, the Company will contract with leading builders and developers to integrate ISRSI solar panel products into their designs and to provide pricing and other information necessary for them to offer this value-added feature to potential homeowners and commercial building construction.


    Key Success Factors:

    Given the present level of emphasis on clean energy and green technology, the ISRSI products are hitting the marketplace at the perfect time.  This factor is increased even more by the added insulation value of the product and the fact that the panels were developed to mimic more traditional roofing materials.