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Inner Solar Roof Systems Inc.

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InnerSolar Roof Systems Inc.

                                     Welcome to
                       Inner Solar Roof Systems Inc.
                                                                 731 N.E. 69th St.
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pool, spa, space, radiant floor, hot water

SOLARTILE   InnerSolar Roof Systems Inc.

Welcome to Solartile the New Age of

Solar Thermal or Solar Electric Roofing Panels with Combined Energy Savings.


We would like to invite you to find out for yourself and experience personally our commitment to developing a most outstanding energy and cost efficient product that will change the way we live today.   Much work has been done to-date toward our innovative Solar Thermal Roof Panel, our Solar Electric PV (Photovoltaic) Solar Panel, and our Hybrid Solar Roof Panel.  Our Hybrid Solar Roof Panel incorporates both Thermal and Electric components into a design that blends right in with your existing shingle or barrel roof style.

Solartile Heating:   Our new technology will not only provide higher energy saving per square foot than present solar collector systems on the market, but more importantly, its appearance will lead to wider market acceptance. The Solar Roof Thermal Heating System will have applications for pool, spa, space, radiant floor, and pre-heating domestic hot water.  Patented solar mounting design has been completed in accordance with the latest Building Code Class A roof product, ASCE 7-93 for Exposure C and Category 1, with a wind load of 160 mph.   The roof collectors will result in a complete residential / commercial solar roof system in compliance with national building code standards.

Solartile Electeic:   A stand alone PV (photovoltaic) Solar Electric Roof Panel system will supply enough power to charge batteries, appliances, electric vehicles and power inverters, which could cycle power back to the utility line grids more efficiently while lowering cost and consumption. Initial availability for the Solar Electric Roof Panel  PV thin film will be standard terracotta / blue in color. With most of the solar electric energy being produced during the middle of the day, a 16 panel array provides a 2.2 kw photovoltaic system, producing its maximum power during peak demand periods.  The solar roof also provides insulation capability, when added to the roof structure will also combine to add further energy savings to the user from clean inverted AC (alternating current) that can "power back" into utility grid lines, lowering electric cost or generating a profit to the user.

Solartile Hybrid:  Combined Solar thermal/electric collector systems maintain cell-operating temperature, supplying more power during peak solar exposure by means of water circulation and heat exchange.  Inner Solar Roof System's technology offers major improvements over current solar collector designs.  Amorphous silicon photovoltaic roof panel  (PV thin film 16 panel hybrid array of 3.8 kw) will power a system, which can be used in a line-tie installation where energy flows back into the local utility grid lines, thereby lowering consumption, as well as cost. It will also incorporate an insulating containment, increasing the R-Factor to the building roof structure.  This hybrid solar panel has been designed to meet national building code standards.

U.S. Patent No. 4,158,357;  4,953,537;  4,146,014;  5,022,381 Patent Pending Serial No. 12/175,544; 12/605,043

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