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Inner Solar Roof Systems Inc.

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About Inner Solar
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Inner Solar Roof Systems Inc. incorporated since 1980 and holds multiple U.S. Patents. This unique solar collector design received a grant by the Department of Energy and was verified by extensive engineering models through Federal Research Laboratories. The system offers consumers greater flexibility and higher energy efficiency, constructed from materials that are building code approved. This solar collector has the potential to offer major improvements over current solar products, as well as high-energy savings


Solartile panels have been developed by Mr. Allegro to be installed directly on a roof in place of slate shingles or roof barrel tiles. Solartile panels can produce electric power, thermal heating, or a combination.  Mr. Joseph Allegro's objective is to fully commercialize the Solartile design and commence production and distribution of product into the residential and commercial solar collector market.


Inner Solar Roof Systems Inc offers a solar heating system that is camouflaged within a plastic molded thermal solar roof panel (Solartiles) with material that can be molded and colored to match conventional roofing materials such as the terracotta villa barrel tile or slate shingle roof style. Once installed on a roof with a southern exposure, the system offers solar energy savings without the unsightly drawbacks of conventional solar panel installations.


Inner Solar Roof Systems Inc. Solartile roof design utilizes an innovative solar hybrid heating and electric roof covering to meet all roofing code requirements.

Inner Solar Roof Systems Inc. provides consumers with a much more viable solar energy alternative than anything else on the market today as well as being cost-efficient and aesthetically pleasing with an environmentally-conscious design.


The Corporation’s founder and President Mr. Joseph Allegro is the inventor of this unique approach to solar roof collectors (Solartile).  Mr. Allegro has been awarded several U.S. Patents, including a Patent for the " ISRSI Solartile “ (Patent No. 4,158,357, No. 4,146,014, No. 4,953,537, No. 5,022.381). Additional patents will be applied for in the future to cover new products developed through the Corporation’s R&D operations. Mr. Allegro has been actively involved in the research and design of innovative solar collectors since 1974.


As the inventor, Mr. Allegro focuses his attention on research and development, striving to perfect the solar roof quality and efficiency, and there is currently additional Patents Pending. (Serial No. 12/175,544 / No. 12/605,043) to provide improved Solar Thermal / Solar Electric and PVT (Photovoltaic Thermal) solar roofing designs.

SOLARTILE InnerSolar Roof Systems Inc.

Materials that are building code approved
Typical roof tiles integrated with Solartile roof system.

Solartile roof systems will be distributed and installed nationwide through qualified tile roofing companies. We are committed to expanding the market for solar roofing using existing roof styles and integrating them with the Solartile roof systems. Solartile pool, spa and space heating will be almost identical to the standard roof tile.

Solartile designed for energy saving and architectural approval.
Typical roof tiles integrated with Solartile roof system.

                                    Solartile (Left) with insulation backing and warranteed UV surface

                                    (Right) a typical tile style roof

Typical roof tiles integrated with Solartile roof system.

Solartile unique system makes the choice of solar energy for home or commercial construction affordable and ideal.