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 Solartile proposed using Konarka Technologies PV electric thin film utilizes a terracotta barrel style tile roof.

SOLARTILE (using) Konarka Power Plastic

Solartile barrel style tile roofing utilizes terracotta PV electric thin film mounting.  


Solartile using Konarka Power Plastic applied to Solartile barrel tile roof in terracotta color. With this combined technology solar energy is available in traditional barrel tile roof style. This unique conducting organic polymer is flexible and light weight solar electric film material which utilizes a wider range of the light spectrum not just sunlight into DC electrical energy unlike conventional solar cells. Solartile barrel roof design and Konarka Power Plastic can be used for recharging batteries for DC inverter into AC power as well as recharging batteries for powering a pool pump providing pool filtering and pool heating.



Solartile slate shingle style roof  using Uni-Solar PV electric thin film.

Solartile using Uni-Solar thin film photovoltaic cells applied to Solartile slate shingle style roofing  blue in color. Advanced Uni-Solar Triple Junction Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells gives system owners more energy output than competitive modules because of their high temperature performance.  Advanced Uni-Solar also provides higher system energy output under non-ideal orientation toward the sun, due to higher sensitivity to low light levels and to diffuse light (Example: when integrated into an existing building that does not have ideal orientation for a building-integrated PV system).


Uni-Solar photovoltaic cells are manufactured using a stainless steel substrate combined with a fluoropolymer plastic to create a very rugged, shatterproof PV module, impervious to thermal shock and stress fractures as a result of shipping errors, poor mounting, or even contact by foreign objects.  Uni-Solar modules use an ETFE fluoropolymer plastic to cover the front surface of the module. The front surface is highly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) degradation, and offers long term resistance to weathering, as well as exceptional mechanical and optical properties. Uni-Solar offers commercially-proven, triple-junction cells (1.5 volts per cell, typical in operation), which have been proven to be of the highest efficiency and stability available.  Other manufacturers offer single-junction cells. Module peak power at a cell operating temperature of 149 degrees Fahrenheit will reduce power output by only 5%, compared to crystalline technologies where a 15% loss is typical under similar conditions. Under conditions of high wind or snow loads, modules will not break under pressure, nor suffer irreversible damage when mounted to the color matched tile roof, designed with the UV weather and fire resistant plastic structure.

Common Solar Panel Product

                             Typical Solar Collector mounted above a barrel style tile roof

The current solar collector products on the market offer no roof insulation, as the glass-containing panels are mounted with expensive brackets, increasing individual panel cost, while decreasing overall efficiency.  The unsightly appearance of rack-mounted mono-blocks of glass collectors has severely impacted their acceptance by the targeted consumer market, who prefers solar collectors to be integrated with residential tile roof designs.  However, increased consumer awareness for the need to conserve energy has led to acceptance of solar energy as a reliable alternative to conventional electric, gas or oil energy.  Solar collectors have been marketed to homeowners and builders alike since the early 1970's, as market demand for solar and alternative energy sources only continue to rise.


Barrel Tile or Slate Shingle  Roof Style, Insulated Roof Covering, Solar Water Heating, Solar Electric PV, Combinded Thermal / Electric Solar Hybrid




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